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Have you ever worked with a Life Coach? If so, what you’ll experience with me is probably quite different. My coaching style is highly customized to suit the individual I’m working with. There’s no formula and the experience is never the same for any two people. Unlike a therapist, I take a holistic approach, examining and working with the mind, body, and spirit (depending on your own beliefs and comfort level). My coaching sessions are client-led, meaning you’re in the driver’s seat, and I take my cues from you.

The ultimate goal—when working with me—is to help you take a closer look at yourself and uncover who you truly are, what makes you happy, and how you can get from where you’re at to where you want to be. Sometimes we’ll take unexpected detours along the way, uncovering things you may not have realized were connected to the issues you’re experiencing. It’s all part of a fluid process.

More than a Coach, I am a guide, allowing you to look within and listening intuitively as you share information about yourself and your current situation. Once we’ve established a trusting relationship, we’ll begin to talk about what’s going well in your life and what you would like to change. We’ll examine your current belief system and establish where those beliefs came from. Invariably I find that most people inherit how they view the world from their parents, teachers and other key influencers in their lives. Perhaps, like me, you’ll begin to discover that you didn’t really have a say in the ‘rules’ or ‘values’ you inherited as you were growing up. Like most people, you were probably, in some way, taught how to think and what to think about and slowly the opinions, attitudes, and perspectives of others were adopted as your own. You may not even realize this to be true yet—but we’ll get there.

As your Coach I’ll offer support and share knowledge which will help you find true happiness—whatever that looks like for you. I’ll listen, provide insights, and offer recommended techniques that will help you bring about positive change. I cannot promise to make your life better or more enjoyable—you must take personal responsibility for all changes in your life—but if you are willing and ready to make appropriate changes (no matter how small) you can expect to see great results.

As a client recently said: “Jeffrey Eisen’s highly intuitive, nurturing approach to coaching provides tremendous clarity, allowing one to see where they are going and find their own answers, or perhaps illuminating better options one might consider for getting there. His influence on my choices, and so, my results, has been profound. I feel very fortunate to have found such a decent and insightful individual to assist me on my path. Trust is primary to the coaching experience. Jeffrey’s easy way is like being taken by the hand by a caring, more experienced big brother. I recommend him without reservation.” -- David Dickie, RMT.
My spiritual coaching practice takes life coaching and expands upon it by providing another element of insight, guided by intuition and channeled energies. In my own journey I went from someone who considered himself “observant of traditional religion” but in no way spiritual, to someone who has embraced spirituality and integrated it quite seamlessly into daily life. When I was beginning my journey, I found spirituality to be uncomfortable—I didn’t know what I believed in or that I even had a choice to believe what I wanted. I struggled to find a comfortable balance between what I was learning about and what I had been taught growing up.

Over time, I became more connected with my own spirituality (through meditation, journaling, reading, connecting with others, and working with a variety of guides and healing practitioners) and developed a personal spiritual philosophy that I could feel very comfortable with.

I realize that many people are sensitive to, and uncomfortable with, all things spiritual or mystical. Others feel some sort of connection but struggle to determine where they sit on the spectrum of spirituality. And while we often share our beliefs collectively when it comes to organized religion, spirituality is actually a VERY personal matter. There has been a tendency for some individuals and groups to force their divine philosophies on others—even to the point of armed conflict—and this has made it uncomfortable for many to openly and freely discuss this subject.

But the truth is, the more comfortable you are with your own spiritual beliefs, the less likely you’ll be to force them on others. While I would never tell someone what to believe or how to believe, I do love sharing my beliefs with other like-minded individuals—learning, expanding, and growing all the while. I have met many people who are searching for a safe and confidential environment in which they can examine, contemplate, and explore their spiritual philosophies. The more I was willing to share my own beliefs and views, the more I found others who were seeking guidance in this area. And so, my spiritual coaching practice evolved from there.

We all have the right to spiritual beliefs that we feel comfortable with and we have the right to not feel intimidated while expressing, exploring, and deepening these beliefs. In the role of Spiritual Coach, I act as a guide, creating a safe space for you to examine your own beliefs and find out what makes sense and feels comfortable to you. I help you become more comfortable with the mystical.
A number of years ago, I began free-flow journaling to process some of the hurt, challenges, and issues I had experienced in my life. Over a period of time, by choosing this form of “release,” I was able to quiet my obsessive mind and allow an inner knowing or essence to come forward and begin expressing itself.

In putting pen to paper in a free-flowing, relaxed way, I found that what appeared on the page in front of me felt “familiar” but wasn’t actually coming from me. I realized that I, in fact, was channeling something bigger and more powerful than myself. I sensed that these messages were being told to me and felt compelled to continue writing, transcribing them to the best of my ability.

As I continued on my own journey of self-discovery, I would often turn to these journal entries or messages, reading them to gain clarity about challenges or issues I was facing. I found them surprisingly insightful and helpful, often just the “answer” I was looking for. The more I integrated them, the more these teachings became a way of life that transformed everything about my existence.

I decided that these messages were too powerful to keep to myself and the importance of sharing them with as many people as possible became evident. The more I developed my relationship with this invisible entity, the more it showed up in my life. It identified itself as Shaltazar. I tried not to question too often the details about what or who it was, because I was more interested in the wisdom that was coming through me when I connected to it. In my coaching sessions I would lead short guided meditations, and I found the influence and wisdom of Shaltazar coming through time and again. It started to feel as though Shaltazar was always there, hovering in the “background” of my life, coming forth to speak through me when the time was right. I had to learn to make space or establish the ideal conditions for Shaltazar to speak through me most clearly.

For years I had been leading meditation groups, and over time I realized that I could essentially “get out of the way” and allow the voice of Shaltazar to be heard by all those in attendance. I would speak, but the words were not my own. I was merely a channel for all this divine wisdom. Since the messages from Shaltazar had begun as written word, it took me some time to get comfortable speaking them aloud as they came to me. At first I felt uncomfortable, wondering if it would come across as though I were speaking as Shaltazar, which I knew I wasn’t. With time though I found my place as a channel, and as this ease was established the voice of Shaltazar became clearer.

To learn more about Shaltazar and to listen to and watch the recorded Messages from Shaltazar visit

Want to experience the power of Shaltazar in a casual and welcoming group setting? Visit my Events page for upcoming Channeling, Meditation & Learning Circle events.
After years of working one-on-one with clients across North America, I realized that in order to reach the most people and to help others realize their own talents and gain access to their own abilities, I would have to begin teaching group sessions. Although I love the one on one contact of coaching I have found how much I enjoy sharing my wisdom in a group setting. People have told me I am a natural teacher, but I believe it is because I teach from a very authentic place. Most of my teaching comes more from an intuitive place than from a structured curriculum. Maybe that’s why my teaching feels so easy and flowing.

The more healers we have on this planet, the better we’ll all be. It is my mission to share my passion with as many people as possible, and to train others to go out into their own communities, and the world, to help bring about positive change. I have developed a number of courses and workshops that are suitable for aspiring life and spiritual coaches as well as therapists, yoga instructors, energy healers, massage therapists, or anyone practicing a healing modality that would like to add coaching services to their offering. I have courses that focus specifically on developing a more spiritual practice, and others that provide mentorship opportunities to coaches who are just starting out. No matter what stage of the process you’re at, there’s something here for you.

Check out the Workshops & Events page to see what’s available.
  • Working with Jeffrey has been absolutely life changing. I had been asking for an angel to help guide me in my life and not long after, he appeared! He has such an incredible gift of being able to help you work through energy blocks that are keeping you from being your authentic self and going after what you really want. He has opened me up and peeled back layers so deep, allowing me to make incredible shifts in my life. These changes within myself have also led to incredible growth in my business. I'm still in awe of the power he has, and the power he has helped me discover within myself.
    Sharon Stokes - Life Fulfillment Coach
  • I’ve always experienced a significant shift during my sessions with Jeffrey towards more awareness and more exuberant, positive perspectives. Jeffrey has a keen ability to observe just where you need to work to transform yourself and reveal it in the moment while you are conversing with him. He literally can read your vibrations, see where you’re blocked or depressed and then work with you with profound enthusiasm to get you unlocked and uplifted, right then and there! Whenever I feel utterly lost Jeffrey always has a way to help me find myself and find the inspiration to live from more impassioned purpose. He’s a true alchemist–he transforms our most heavy, darkened states into something light and lovely, relentlessly.
    Darren Austin Hall
  • Jeffrey Eisen’s highly intuitive, nurturing approach to coaching provides tremendous clarity, allowing one to see where they are going and find their own answers, or perhaps illuminating better options one might consider for getting there. His influence on my choices, and so, my results, has been profound. I feel very fortunate to have found such a decent and insightful individual to assist me on my path. Trust is primary to the coaching experience. Jeffrey’s easy way is like being taken by the hand by a caring, more experienced big brother. I recommend him without reservation.
    David Dickie, RMT
  • My coaching experience with Jeffrey was a great experience. Jeffrey is very intuitive. He sensed my energy and sometimes it felt like he knew me better than I knew myself. Jeffrey helped me become aware of ways I was perpetuating my inner conflict. He challenged me to look at areas that I didn’t know that I needed to work on. He was able to shift my energy to a higher level at the end of the sessions. He was able to clearly show me how my so called “weaknesses” were actually gifts that will help me progress in my journey in life.
    Sandra Marji
  • My sessions with Jeffrey were one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. He helped me face my inner truth. He also helped me get in touch with my true self, which was so deeply hidden from life experiences and emotions that I had sheltered since childhood. He taught me it was okay to be me, and express my emotions as we are all entitled to shine, and we all have a beautiful gift and purpose on this planet. Your wonderful gift has taught me to ignite and expand on mine! :)
    Ashley Damiani
  • I can’t say enough good things about Jeffrey. I have worked with other coaches from Tony Robbins and others that I have met and none come close to the impact and life changing sessions that I have had with Jeffrey. His ability to reach the root of a problem, help you get in touch with the real you and ignite your passion for life amazes me. I am blessed to have met Jeffrey, he has a gift to share with the world and would recommend him to any of my friends, family or anyone I meet.
    Andrew Moffatt
  • Working with Jeffrey Eisen has completely transformed my professional and personal life. Not only is Jeffrey a brilliant coach, but he also lives and breathes what he teaches. His honesty, authenticity, and loving guidance has opened my heart in ways I never could have imagined.
    Michael J. Chase, bestselling author and founder of The Kindness Center
  • I’ve never dealt with someone who is more “real.” I learned of Jeffrey through a friend of mine who I was talking with regarding a therapist I recently visited. I told her, I felt “SO JUDGED.” She recommended that I give Jeffrey at least a try and I was truly amazed. In a short time, Jeffrey is working with me to realize what matters to me and to “take the mask off” as I like to call it. I appreciate so much that Jeffrey talks about his journey and that he is only human just like the rest of us. He is easy to relate to, honest and has a beautiful soul. I look forward to each session and always take away something great, no matter how hard and eye opening they are. For me, I wanted someone who was supportive and non-judgmental – Jeffry is that and so much more! I can’t thank you enough!
    Jeneal Wiskerchen
  • Jeffrey Eisen is a gift. The time I have spent talking with Jeffrey has been rewarding, productive, shifting and awakening and really in my heart I feel some of the best quality conversations of my life. A kind welcoming and loving coaching environment combined with his strong intuition makes for the gold standard in coaching. His simple yet profound coaching approach reaches deep inside and facilitates powerful transformation. His authenticity shines through every word and he creates a loving and nurturing sacred space for you to flourish. I appreciate Jeffrey more than he knows. A beautiful heart, a beautiful spirit and a beautiful man. Time spent with Jeffrey is time well spent.
    Sinead Moffatt
  • Life coaching with Jeffrey was very powerful. You can sense his balance and how he is able to navigate through spirit as well as the human form. I felt like I was able to get to the root of the beliefs that were causing disruption in my emotions and life experiences, I was somewhat aware that they were there before the session, but became very clear during the session that these beliefs made no sense and were only causing me pain and suffering. I now feel as though I have permission to be myself and the realization that I am only responsible for myself. I feel lighter, more free and excited about life again. I am so thankful.
    Hillary Pike
  • Thank you for allowing me to go beyond the distractions and illusions to see the powerful truth within me. Coaching with you felt like a one-on-one with my Divine Spirit, I felt my masks fall to the ground and a powerful me emerge that was somewhat a stranger. Today, I am happy, in-love and real. I am grateful for you Jeffrey :).
    Suha Sagban
  • I started my Spiritual Transformation knowing that a shift was about to occur in my life but needed a guide. That is when I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon Jeffrey Eisen. He has been an incredible Coach, Mentor and Spiritual Teacher beyond words. I stifled my emotions for the greater part of my life and Jeffrey was able to teach me how to allow my emotions to flow through me so that my Authentic Self could shine through. Once I surrendered, I cannot describe to you the shifts that occurred in my life both personally and professionally and with velocity I might add. If your Soul is ready to unleash the Power within, I highly recommend Jeffrey Eisen. I would not be where I am today without his wisdom, guidance and love for which I am eternally grateful.
    Abby McDonald
  • Thank you to the moon for your time and energy yesterday. I didn’t have any expectations, but what I came away with from my session with you is transformational in a very big way. Diving into the topics we chose to speak about have changed my life :) I might sound a bit dramatic…but it is true. I was a better chiropractor, girlfriend…person as a result of a deeper understanding of what makes me tick. The words you chose when you said “no matter how I feel, I am loved” are so powerful for me…thank you. Thank you for being open, thank you for connecting, thank you for your honesty and thank you for doing what you do.
    Dr. Danielle Gilas B.Sc., D.C. – Chiropractor
  • Working with Jeffrey was in all honesty a life changing event. He got me thinking about the importance of enjoying my life no matter what the circumstances. Even though I didn’t spend too much time with Jeffrey, the lessons I learned from working with him have continued to find their way into my decision making process every day. Jeffrey taught me to trust my instincts and know when there is something in life you really want to go for, you will find the way to make it happen. The harsh realities of the world are often problems created in your own mind. Once I started realizing how much control I really had over my life, the apparent complex problems I once had, simply faded into manageable obstacles. Thank you Jeffrey for the time we spent together and the help you provided me in shifting my thinking. It has been incredibly beneficial to how I live my life!
    John Dietrich
  • Jeffrey Eisen is an insightful, caring, and straight to the point kind of life coach! If you are ready to break through and let go of baggage, he is the coach for you. As a Life Coach myself, it’s critically important to be my very best. Jeffrey is my pillar of strength, when I feel out of balance and somewhat ‘stuck’. In my experience with Jeffrey, I found that he helped me to go beyond my own limitations by releasing fear and diving deep into my own consciousness. I am thankful to have Jeffrey on my ‘team’ and would highly recommend him to anyone struggling to get from ‘here to there.’
    Vicki Savini – Life Coach, Author, Speaker
  • “Coaching” is the only word that I can think of to describe Jeffrey’s work, however it isn’t sufficient to truly describe what it is he can do for you. Working with Jeffrey feels very at home, yet challenging and beneficial. It has improved my approach to the way I conduct my life, business and interactions. I would highly recommend his services for anyone who feels ready to bring themselves to the next level.
    Shani Scherenzel, Reflexologist & Educator