Open Mic Channeling Night – Transmissions from Beyond

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December 22, 2016
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December 23, 2016
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Open Mic Channeling Night – Transmissions from Beyond

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This event finished on 04 May 2017

Open Mic Channeling Night – Transmissions from Beyond

Calling all light workers…

Have you been looking to share your intuitive gifts with the world but aren’t sure how? Are you looking for a safe place to share the sacred wisdom from Spirit that naturally flows through you? Do you have insights, messages, and deep wisdom that you want to express but are afraid to? Or are you just interested in the art of channeling?

We are looking for you! We’re excited to launch Open Mic Channeling Night in Toronto—a monthly opportunity for all channelers and spiritual intuitives (experienced or unexperienced!) to share their Divine gifts in a safe and welcoming space.

What to expect: We will be a creating a comfortable, quiet, safe, supportive, and loving space for volunteers from the audience (chosen spontaneously) to channel in whatever way they feel drawn to do so. Each channeler will be given a maximum of 20 minutes to bring forth their message. After all the interested channelers have shared their gifts (or time has run out for that portion of the event) the channelers will have the chance to share more about themselves and how they came to connect with the Divine. There will also be an opportunity to discuss what was learned from the transmissions that came through as well a question and answer period.

Why join us?

Whether you are experienced in channeling or just getting started, this safe, welcoming space will provide the perfect opportunity for you to explore your channeling abilities or just listen as others share transmissions from beyond.

December 8th is the first of our monthly event series. The group will operate on a membership basis but will have a pay at the door option as well. We are pleased to offer free admission for December 8th only! Join us for this exciting new opportunity to share your divine gifts with others & gain access to channeled messages in a variety of formats.

For more information about this event contact Jeffrey Eisen @ 416-225-5203 or

 Open Mic Channeling Night – Membership Details

 $50 membership for 5 sessions

We hope you’ll consider joining as a member of the Open Night Channeling Night Collective. A membership is a great opportunity to support this exciting new program and to help cover the costs of the running these events.

A membership entitles you to attend 5 Open Night Channeling Night events (within a 6- month period) rather than paying $15/night at the door (a savings of $25).

Events will be run on the first Thursday of each month from 7 to 9 pm. The frequency of events may increase depending on participation.

Other membership benefits:

·  Members can bring a guest to one of the events during their membership period.

·  Membership is transferable if you’re unable to attend for whatever reason you may gift your membership to a friend/relative.

·  Members will receive a discounted price for one workshop on the Art of Channeling given by Jeffrey Eisen, channeler of Shaltazar.

·  You will be supporting an opportunity for people to share their connection to the Higher Realms in a safe, trusting and loving space.

If you wish to sign up for membership you will be sent a PayPal invoice and you can easily pay through PayPal by clicking the link provided. Memberships can easily be renewed when they expire.

There will also be a $15 pay at the door option for those who want to check out this event and are not sure they want to purchase a membership yet.

If you are interested in purchasing a membership please email or