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My Beliefs

Over the past years I have greatly altered many of my beliefs and philosophies. Now that I have awakened the self within me these are my beliefs: beliefs_button

Messages From Shaltazar

Mystical, powerful messages that have come forth from a divine, loving entity—capable of changing your life forever. Click above to listen to a ‘randomly’ selected Message from Shaltazar in its entirety. You may find that some mystical force has chosen a very appropriate sample for you.


One of the best inspirational books you will ever read!

"emPOWERed YOUth is an inspirational must read! I was blown away by Michael and Jeffrey's willingness to share their emotionally raw and honest story."


  • "Jeffrey Eisen is a gift. The time I have spent talking with Jeffrey has been rewarding, productive, shifting and awakening and really in my heart I feel some of the best quality conversations of my life. A kind welcoming and loving coaching environment combined with his strong intuition makes for the gold standard in coaching. His simple yet profound coaching approach reaches deep inside and facilitates powerful transformation. His authenticity shines through every word and he creates a loving and nurturing sacred space for you to flourish. I appreciate Jeffrey more than he knows. A beautiful heart, a beautiful spirit and a beautiful man. Time spent with Jeffrey is time well spent." – Sinead Moffatt

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Nature Photography

Enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature has always stirred my Soul. Capturing Mother Nature with a camera is something I love doing. Sharing those photos is something I love even more.

You can view more of my photos at: