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Jeffrey Eisen is a father and grandfather, a husband, a life coach, a teacher, and a friend. At the age of 50 he realized something big was missing from his life. After undergoing surgery for Crohn’s disease and watching his son undergo surgery for Ulcerative Colitis (all within the same week), Jeffrey decided that change couldn’t come about soon enough. He started to reevaluate his work-a-holic nature and his drive to succeed (professionally and financially) and realized that nothing he’d been doing up until this point in his life truly made him happy. With such an empowering realization now guiding his life, Jeffrey set out to undo all the things he’d once believed to be true. No longer would profits be his driving force. No longer would he worry so much about what others thought of him. No longer would he put work before his family. No longer would he put so much pressure on himself to succeed. No longer would he strive to live up to other people’s expectations. No longer would he make himself sick trying to be someone he wasn’t.

Jeffrey worked with multiple life coaches, read every self-help and personal empowerment book out there, watched documentaries, read articles, attended workshops, and began to learn everything there was to know about living a more meaningful life. Once he’d done years of work on himself (something that never stops, to this day!) he realized that what would make him most happy would be to help others.

Jeffrey has worked as a life coach for hundreds of people across Canada and the US. He’s helped CEOs and lawyers, artists and mothers, students and even children. He’s worked with people undergoing cancer treatment, looking to give their career a complete overhaul, struggling with a messy relationship, and searching for happiness. Jeffrey also helps people find their own spiritual beliefs that they can feel comfortable with, as well as teaching people how to connect with their intuition.

A quick glance at the testimonial section on this website shows how much of an impact he’s had on so many people’s lives. Jeffrey also leads guided meditation groups, has developed a meditation CD, co-authored a book with his son, provides keynote addresses, and facilitates workshops of various sizes.

Empowered YOUth – A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living

Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living is the heartfelt story of Michael and Jeffrey Eisen who rose up from a tumultuous, emotional past to come together in a loving, respectful relationship as father and son; coach and student. Through this engaging narrative they help deconstruct the paradigms and beliefs that contribute to anxiety, stress and unrest within the family unit. They provide a refreshing perspective on how parents and kids can work together to empower and support one another by opening the channels of communication, dissolving fear and surrendering the need for control. With a perfect balance of moving stories, applied learning, and practical wisdom, Empowered YOUth offers guidance and insights for parents, young people and educators. While adults will instantly relate to Jeffrey’s struggle to connect with his children, provide for his family, and listen to his own heart’s desire, young people will love Michael’s honest and emotional examination of an angst-filled childhood laden with stress, sadness, isolation, and self-inflicted pressure.


  • Thank you to the moon for your time and energy yesterday. I didn’t have any expectations, but what I came away with from my session with you is transformational in a very big way. Diving into the topics we chose to speak about have changed my life :) I might sound a bit dramatic…but it is true. I was a better chiropractor, girlfriend…person as a result of a deeper understanding of what makes me tick. The words you chose when you said “no matter how I feel, I am loved” are so powerful for me…thank you. Thank you for being open, thank you for connecting, thank you for your honesty and thank you for doing what you do. – Dr. Danielle Gilas B.Sc., D.C. – Chiropractor

  • "Jeffrey Eisen is a gift. The time I have spent talking with Jeffrey has been rewarding, productive, shifting and awakening and really in my heart I feel some of the best quality conversations of my life. A kind welcoming and loving coaching environment combined with his strong intuition makes for the gold standard in coaching. His simple yet profound coaching approach reaches deep inside and facilitates powerful transformation. His authenticity shines through every word and he creates a loving and nurturing sacred space for you to flourish. I appreciate Jeffrey more than he knows. A beautiful heart, a beautiful spirit and a beautiful man. Time spent with Jeffrey is time well spent." – Sinead Moffatt

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Messages From Shaltazar

Mystical, powerful messages that have come forth from a divine, loving entity—capable of changing your life forever.

A number of years ago, Jeffrey Eisen began free-flow journaling to process some of the hurt, challenges, and issues he had experienced in his life. Over a period of time, by choosing this form of “release,” Jeffrey was able to quiet his obsessive mind and allow an inner knowing or essence to come forward and begin expressing itself.

In putting pen to paper in a free-flowing, relaxed way, Jeffrey found that what appeared on the page in front of him felt “familiar” but wasn’t actually coming from him. He realized that he, in fact, was channeling something bigger and more powerful than himself. He sensed that these messages were being told to him and felt compelled to continue writing, transcribing them to the best of his ability.

As Jeffrey continued on his own journey of self-discovery, he'd often turn to these journal entries or messages, reading them to gain clarity about challenges or issues he was facing. He found them surprisingly insightful and helpful, often just the “answer” he was looking for. The more he integrated them, the more these teachings became a way of life that transformed everything about Jeffrey’s existence.

Jeffrey decided that these messages were too powerful to keep to himself and the importance of sharing them with as many people as possible became evident.

Click above to listen to a ‘randomly’ selected Message from Shaltazar in its entirety. You may find that some mystical force has chosen a very appropriate sample for you.